NYC Subway Measures Fare Evasion Using AI
MTA chooses AWAAIT's AI-technology for subway fare evasion monitoring

NYC Turnstiles © Asael Peña / Unsplash

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which operates New York City’s subway, has started employing artificial intelligence (AI) to combat the growing issue of fare evasion, a problem that costs the city hundreds of millions each year.  The AI surveillance software, created by the Barcelona-based company AWAAIT, has been in use in seven subway stations...

Increased fare evasion rates during the pandemic
Data from an ongoing study reveals that fare infractions might rise even more post-lockdown unless preventive measures are taken in time

Fake cards are hacked original tickets EL SOTANO PHOTO

The past months have been a challenging time for public transport due to Covid-19. Many transit workers lost their lives, ridership plummeted to record levels, and revenues from fare collection dropped massively. Fare evasion might be one a small problem for transit at the moment, but is it one to be completely ignored? Our...

The psychology behind fare evasion
A recent study identifies four types of fare dodgers: Accidental, 'It’s not my fault', Calculated risk-takers and Career evaders

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Fare evasion – traveling without a valid ticket in public transport- is a problem for many public transit operators around the world. It undermines the viability of public transport, causes financial losses that amount to millions yearly, and leads to feelings of unfairness and lack of safety among paying passengers. A study carried out...

Deep Learning Video Analytics for protecting public transport revenues, assets, passengers and mobility
AI Video Analytics helps to tackle fare evasion by analysing video streams in real-time

A ticket inspector checks screenshots of a fare evasion incident on the Awaait's real-time video analytics app A ticket inspector checks screenshots of a fare evasion incident on the Awaait's real-time video analytics app

Fare evasion is the unlawful act of traveling in public transport without paying for the trip. It is a corrosive problem in many public transit systems around the world, causing feelings of unfairness and insecurity among paying passengers, and financial losses worth billions of dollars yearly. Some metro and commuter train operators deploy mass...