Milan’s Metro Tackles Fare Evasion with New Dual Strategy
Implementing Enhanced Surveillance and Technological Innovations

Over the past three years, Milan’s metro has seen a troubling increase in fare evasion, rising from 1% to 4%. A seemingly Olympic discipline, “turnstile jumping” has not only become more common but has also evolved into various forms, including pushing through and sneaking behind others at barrier-equipped entries. Recognizing the financial drain—a single fare costs €2.20—the Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM) has embarked on a comprehensive strategy to curb this trend.

ATM’s first course of action was to increase the presence of fare inspectors. The number of controllers at turnstile entries and exits has risen from 130 to 150. These inspectors impose fines ranging from €39 if paid immediately to €70 if delayed beyond 60 days. This intensified monitoring has yielded preliminary results, showing a decrease in evasion rates from 4% to 2.6%.

The second key measure has been the rollout of new, taller turnstiles equipped with a sensor to detect the passage of a second person that triggers a siren. Standing at 2.30 meters with vertical and horizontal bars, these turnstiles are designed to prevent jumping and squeezing through. The first set of these barriers has been installed at San Donato M3 station, with plans to extend them to other major stations by the end of 2024. The new system’s effectiveness against turnstile jumping has been proven in initial tests, though its ability to deter tailgating will require more extensive evaluations.

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