Turin’s Comprehensive Checks Reveal High Rate of Fare Evasion on Public Transport
A Third of Passengers on Turin’s Buses and Trams Caught Without Tickets

The San Carlo Carabinieri and GTT conducted comprehensive fare evasion checks on Turin’s public transportation system from Friday, May 31, to Sunday, June 2, 2024. The inspections targeted 4, 11, 55, and 58 bus and tram lines in the City Centre District, affecting 23 vehicles and about 750 passengers.  The operation revealed that 210...

LA Metro Introduces Tap Out System to Combat Fare Evasion
Pilot Program at North Hollywood Station Aims to Reduce Fare Evasion and Enhance Security Measures

In order to reduce fare evasion, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) has launched a new pilot program at the North Hollywood B Line stop. Starting last week, Metro riders must tap their transit cards both when entering and exiting the station. This new requirement, a significant departure from the current system...

Milan’s Metro Tackles Fare Evasion with New Dual Strategy
Implementing Enhanced Surveillance and Technological Innovations

Over the past three years, Milan’s metro has seen a troubling increase in fare evasion, rising from 1% to 4%. A seemingly Olympic discipline, “turnstile jumping” has not only become more common but has also evolved into various forms, including pushing through and sneaking behind others at barrier-equipped entries. Recognizing the financial drain—a single...

Muni Hires Additional Fare Inspectors
San Francisco's Muni Faces Rising Fare Evasion, with figures doubling since 2019

As of 2024, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), which operates Muni, is facing a significant increase in fare evasion rates, which have almost doubled from 12.8% in 2019 to an estimated 20.8%. In response, Muni is considering increasing its workforce by hiring additional fare inspectors, aiming to return to the staff levels...

New York City Deploys 800 Officers to Combat Subway Fare Evasion
Increased Law Enforcement to Address Safety and Fare Compliance in NYC Subways

©Nic Y-C / Unsplash

New York City has increased its efforts to combat subway fare evasion by deploying 800 additional police officers. This measure, announced on March 25, 2024, aims to tackle the sharp rise in turnstile-jumping:  over 1,700 people have been arrested this year for turnstile-jumping, up from 965 in 2023, and 28,000 tickets have already been...

Fare Evasion Faces New Penalties in D.C.
D.C.'s Legislative Response to Protect Public Transit and Its Users

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In response to rising concerns over fare evasion, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has welcomed the Secure D.C. Crime Bill, enabling Metro Transit Police to enforce stricter measures. Effective immediately, individuals caught evading fares must provide their identity, with non-compliance resulting in arrest or a $100 fine. The legislation also escalates penalties for...

NET’s Strategic Policy to Reduce Fare Evasion
Beyond the Ticket: Understanding the Impacts and Implications of Fare Dodging

©Steve Harvey / Unsplash

In December, Nottingham Express Transport (NET) implemented a “zero-tolerance” policy to combat fare evasion. According to these measures, any tram user found traveling without a valid tram ticket will immediately receive a £70 Penalty Fare Notice “without any questions asked”. This initiative is reinforced by an expanded deployment of plain-clothed officers, highlighting NET’s commitment...

Unexpected Outcome of Tallinn’s Free Public Transit Policy
Free Rides, Rising Car Use: A Paradox in Public Transport Policy

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In the past decade, some cities have considered or adopted fare-free public transit to aid low-income residents and cut emissions. This follows Tallinn, Estonia’s example, which has offered free public transit to residents since 2013, aiming to support lower-income residents affected by the 2008 financial crisis while charging non-residents. This strategy was not only...

Addressing Fare Evasion on Irish Rail
Insights and Strategies from the National Transport Authority's Study

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  A recent study by the Irish National Transport Authority (NTA) has unveiled a 6% fare evasion rate on Iarnród Éireann rail services, the national operation from Ireland, leading to an estimated annual revenue loss of €12.3 million. The study, encompassing nearly 21,000 passengers from January 2022 to March 2023, has been crucial in...

NYC Buses: A Battle Against Fare Evasion
MTA Introduces Rigorous Enforcement to Curb $315 Million Losses on Buses

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Since September, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has been enforcing stringent measures to combat fare evasion on city buses, deploying unarmed fare enforcement agents to local bus services.  Fare evasion on buses was responsible for nearly half of the MTA’s total estimated losses of $700 million in 2022. MTA chairman Janno Lieber highlighted the...