Turin’s Comprehensive Checks Reveal High Rate of Fare Evasion on Public Transport
A Third of Passengers on Turin’s Buses and Trams Caught Without Tickets

© Mirko Mina / Unsplash

The San Carlo Carabinieri and GTT conducted comprehensive fare evasion checks on Turin’s public transportation system from Friday, May 31, to Sunday, June 2, 2024. The inspections targeted 4, 11, 55, and 58 bus and tram lines in the City Centre District, affecting 23 vehicles and about 750 passengers.  The operation revealed that 210...

LA Metro Introduces Tap Out System to Combat Fare Evasion
Pilot Program at North Hollywood Station Aims to Reduce Fare Evasion and Enhance Security Measures

In order to reduce fare evasion, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) has launched a new pilot program at the North Hollywood B Line stop. Starting last week, Metro riders must tap their transit cards both when entering and exiting the station. This new requirement, a significant departure from the current system...