LA Metro Introduces Tap Out System to Combat Fare Evasion
Pilot Program at North Hollywood Station Aims to Reduce Fare Evasion and Enhance Security Measures

In order to reduce fare evasion, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) has launched a new pilot program at the North Hollywood B Line stop. Starting last week, Metro riders must tap their transit cards both when entering and exiting the station. This new requirement, a significant departure from the current system where users only tap in, is designed to ensure that all passengers pay their fares correctly. 

The pilot program aims to validate that the fare deducted at the beginning of a trip is indeed paid by confirming it when passengers tap out. “If you tapped your card and fare was deducted when you started your trip, tapping out will confirm fare was paid and open the fare gates,” LA Metro stated. To enforce this new policy, additional security officers and ambassadors will be present at the station, ready to assist riders and ensure compliance. Violators of the new rule risk warnings, citations, or removal from the train or station. 

This initiative follows the example of other transit systems like the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), where tapping out has long been standard practice. While the focus on fare enforcement might seem less urgent compared to recent violent incidents on Metro buses and trains, maintaining order through strict adherence to fare policies is seen as essential. According to Gina Osborn, a former security director for LA Metro, enforcing even minor rules helps uphold overall conduct standards. This new fare enforcement method builds on previous efforts, like the trial program at the Westlake/MacArthur Park station, to improve public safety and reduce crime. 

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