Turin’s Comprehensive Checks Reveal High Rate of Fare Evasion on Public Transport
A Third of Passengers on Turin’s Buses and Trams Caught Without Tickets

© Mirko Mina / Unsplash

The San Carlo Carabinieri and GTT conducted comprehensive fare evasion checks on Turin’s public transportation system from Friday, May 31, to Sunday, June 2, 2024. The inspections targeted 4, 11, 55, and 58 bus and tram lines in the City Centre District, affecting 23 vehicles and about 750 passengers. 

The operation revealed that 210 passengers, approximately 30% of those checked, were traveling without valid tickets. These fare evaders were issued fines on the spot. The high percentage of fare evasion highlights a serious difficulty for the city’s public transportation system. 

These checks are part of an operation to ensure the safety and regularity of public transit, prevent fare evasion, and monitor illegal behavior aboard vehicles. The program emphasized the importance of continuing these checks to improve the safety and efficiency of Turin’s public transportation services. 

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