New York City Deploys 800 Officers to Combat Subway Fare Evasion
Increased Law Enforcement to Address Safety and Fare Compliance in NYC Subways

©Nic Y-C / Unsplash

New York City has increased its efforts to combat subway fare evasion by deploying 800 additional police officers. This measure, announced on March 25, 2024, aims to tackle the sharp rise in turnstile-jumping:  over 1,700 people have been arrested this year for turnstile-jumping, up from 965 in 2023, and 28,000 tickets have already been already issued for fare evasion this year.

The move aims to restore order and safety, which officials say have declined since the COVID-19 pandemic.  The city’s transit officials claim that fare evasion costs millions in lost revenue annually, emphasizing the need for stringent measures.

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