Muni Hires Additional Fare Inspectors
San Francisco's Muni Faces Rising Fare Evasion, with figures doubling since 2019

© Brett Sayles /Pexels

As of 2024, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), which operates Muni, is facing a significant increase in fare evasion rates, which have almost doubled from 12.8% in 2019 to an estimated 20.8%. In response, Muni is considering increasing its workforce by hiring additional fare inspectors, aiming to return to the staff levels of 2018, to ensure compliance and secure its revenue streams, which are crucial for its operations.

This move comes amidst financial strains highlighted by fare revenue projections that show a significant decline from $197 million in 2019 to a forecasted $108 million in 2025.

SFMTA’s strategy involves more than just enforcing fare payment; it’s also about enhancing passenger safety and addressing public concerns. The plan to increase fare inspectors from current numbers to 2018 levels is set to be included in the upcoming budget discussions. Moreover, the budget will maintain essential discounts for various riders while adjusting some benefits like the Clipper card discount. This comprehensive approach seeks not only to curb fare evasion but also to sustain a sense of security and fairness among riders, ensuring that the transit system remains reliable and accessible for all.

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