NET’s Strategic Policy to Reduce Fare Evasion
Beyond the Ticket: Understanding the Impacts and Implications of Fare Dodging

©Steve Harvey / Unsplash

In December, Nottingham Express Transport (NET) implemented a “zero-tolerance” policy to combat fare evasion. According to these measures, any tram user found traveling without a valid tram ticket will immediately receive a £70 Penalty Fare Notice “without any questions asked”. This initiative is reinforced by an expanded deployment of plain-clothed officers, highlighting NET’s commitment to enforcing fare regulations.

Sarah Turner, the Service Delivery and Safety Director at NET, emphasized the significant long-term repercussions of fare evasion. She pointed out that such actions could lead to severe personal consequences, including criminal records, beyond just immediate fines. The initiative is designed not only to discourage such conduct but also to enhance public understanding of its wider implications, fostering a culture of accountability and respect within the transportation network.

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