NYC Subway Measures Fare Evasion Using AI
MTA chooses AWAAIT's AI-technology for subway fare evasion monitoring

NYC Turnstiles © Asael Peña / Unsplash

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), which operates New York City’s subway, has started employing artificial intelligence (AI) to combat the growing issue of fare evasion, a problem that costs the city hundreds of millions each year. 

The AI surveillance software, created by the Barcelona-based company AWAAIT, has been in use in seven subway stations and the MTA anticipates that by year’s end, the system will be operational in approximately two dozen more stations, with further expansion on the horizon.  

The AI system is designed to track fare evasion and calculate the revenue the subway is failing to collect. “We’re using it essentially as a counting tool,” said Tim Minton, the MTA’s communications director. “The objective is to determine how many people are evading the fare and how are they doing it.” 

Tthe implementation of this technology has arisen concerns about privacy and ethical implications. The MTA assures that the system is solely dedicated to fare evasion detection and committed to strict privacy protocols. 

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