Ticket fine reprieve in Prague
Fare dodgers can reduce ticket fines by half if they buy a public transport year-long pass

Innovative ticket fine reprieve in Prague

Prague has an innovative ticket fine reprieve. When caught without a valid public transport ticket or pass, fare dodgers have two options. Either they pay a 800 crowns fine –around 30€– or just pay half of it if they buy a year-long pass. This pass costs around 3600 crowns. Whatever the choice, it has to be completed within the 15 days after receiving the fine. If not, the bill goes up to 1,500 crowns.

Prague’s public transportation authority DPP introduced this measure last October. The pilot project intended to encourage people to travel legally and to pay for a yearly pass for Prague public transport.


Success of the ticket fine reprieve

After six months of its implementation, figures show the initiative has been a success. Deputy Transport Minister Petr Dolínek announced that more than 2,000 passengers have used the reprieve. Thus, 2,000+ ticketless passengers have become annual passholders.

This increase in 1-year pass sales has had a very positive impact in income. Revenue has increased almost eight million crowns. This amount triples what the DPP would have received if each fined passenger had just paid the full-price fine.


Reduced fares for pensioners and students delayed

Another way to promote the use of public transport is through concessions. Two months ago, the Czech Republic government approved a massive reduction in public transport fare for pensioners and students. Nevertheless, the measure has been delayed.

Seniors over 65 and children and students between six and 26 were to receive a discount of 75% on train and bus services from June 10th. However, they will have to wait until September to enjoy the reduction. Regions need more information and time to fully prepare for the change.

The discount will cost 5.8 billion crowns annually.


Deeper insight

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