Ticket fine reprieve measure boosts revenue for Prague’s DPP
Fare dodgers can opt in for half reduced ticket fines if they buy a year-long public transport pass

Innovative ticket fine reprieve in Prague

The public transport authority in Prague DPP introduced a new measure to tackle fare evasion on busses, trams, and metro. When caught traveling without a valid ticket or pass, fare dodgers are presented with two options: either pay a full fine of 800 Czech Korunas (around €30), or pay half of the fine by purchasing a year-long pass costing 3,600 Korunas (approx. €140).

The offenders must indicate their choice within 15 days or risk a double fine of 1,500 Korunas.

DPP introduced the measure in October 2017 as a pilot project, with the aim to encourage people to travel legally and increase sales for yearly passes.

Six months since its implementation, figures show the initiative has been successful. Deputy Transport Minister Petr Dolínek announced that more than 2,000 fare dodgers chose the reprieve, meaning that 2,000+ ticketless passengers have now become annual pass-holders.

This has boosted DPP’s revenue by almost 8 million Korunas (€ 316.740,00), three times the amount full-price fines would have brought in.

Reduced fares for pensioners and students delayed

In May 2019 the Government of the Czech Republic approved a massive reduction in public transport fares for pensioners and students, but the measure has been delayed until September 2019.

Seniors over 65 and children and students aged 6-26 are entitled to a 75% discount on trains and busses.

The discount will cost DPP 5,8 billion Korunas annually.