Annual pass reduces ticketless passengers in Prague
The ticket fine reprieve Nejedeš načerno? turns 4500 fare-dodgers into annual public transport pass holders

Annual pass reduces ticketless passengers in Prague

Last October, Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) implemented an innovative ticket fine reprieve called “Nejedeš načerno?”(Not black riding, are you?). When caught travelling without a valid ticket, fare-dodgers can reduce the fine by half by buying an annual public transport pass. Since then, more than 4,500 people have turned from ticketless passengers to annual...

Ticket fine reprieve measure boosts revenue for Prague’s DPP
Fare dodgers can opt in for half reduced ticket fines if they buy a year-long public transport pass

Innovative ticket fine reprieve in Prague

The public transport authority in Prague DPP introduced a new measure to tackle fare evasion on busses, trams, and metro. When caught traveling without a valid ticket or pass, fare dodgers are presented with two options: either pay a full fine of 800 Czech Korunas (around €30), or pay half of the fine by...