Milan upgrades subway service gates to tackle fare evasion
Fare evasion fines have increased 33% in the past year

milan subway metro fare evasion

In its efforts to reduce subway fare evasion, Milan Transit Authority (ATM) recently announced it will deploy a new improved access gate system. This will become operational at Porta Genova, Cadorna, and Duomo subway stations starting in summer 2019.

Compared to the old waist-height turnstiles, the new gates are 1.8m high and have a sliding door design. The aim is to discourage fraud in the form of gate jumping.

Currently the tall turnstile gates are only operational on the M5 line. About 70 turnstiles will be replaced in total, including gates for disabled persons, raising the total cost of the project to approx. 2.1M euros. The upgrades will include modernised booths for ticket inspectors at entryways.

As part of the measures, fines for fare dodgers have gone up as much as 33% in the past year. Also, a one-way ticket price will increase from 1,5 to 2,- euros in summer 2019.

Ongoing efforts to reduce fare evasion

The Milanese public transport operator has taken consecutive steps to improve the situation over the years. In 2018 it reported a decrease in fare evasion after enforcing 60% more manual ticket checks.

In the close future it plans to continue upgrading to tall access gates at more stations. These include those on the M2 line as well as replacing almost all old turnstile gates on the M3 line.

Fast contactless ticket payments

Other upgrades recently rolled out by ATM include contactless card payments at the same subway gates. Passengers can now pay for their tickets much easier and faster, improving the overall traffic flow at the entry areas. Contactless pay only works at subway entry gates and is valid within the urban network area, and not on suburban lines or on trains operated by other railway networks. Further info can be found here.