Recife Buses Introduce Turnstiles to Counter Fare Evasion
Pernambuco government's move aims to reduce significant revenue losses.

© Matheus Farias / Unsplash

In order to reduce fare evasion, the Recife Metropolitan Region in Brazil is currently testing turnstiles on 14 bus lines. The Pernambuco government has accompanied this program since it started in June.   

The Grande Recife Metropolitan Transport Consortium (Grande Recife Consórcio de Transporte Metropolitano, CTM) has already equipped 32 out of the 41 buses designated for this test. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, CTM estimates that the system is losing over R$ 20 million (3.9 million EUR) each month due to fare evasion 

The turnstiles, spanning the entire vertical passage, are especially designed to grant accessibility to all passengers. Recognizing them as a temporary solution, the state government is bolstering this initiative with public awareness campaigns. These campaigns underscore the critical role of fare payment and its consequential effect on both the transportation infrastructure and the broader regional economy. 

NOTE: See images of this special bus turnstiles on the original article linked here.