Nice Reactivated Fare Gates and Boosted Staffing to Combat Fare Evasion
Lignes d’Azur implemented a comprehensive plan to counteract an annual loss of 5 million euros due to fare fraud.

Niza tram © AWAAIT

The fare gates at Nice’s underground tramway stations have been reactivated after being previously disabled for the COVID-19 crisis due to safety concerns about passenger proximity. Last month, Gal Nofri, the president of Lignes d’Azur, announced this as one of several initiatives to combat fare evasion. This fraud reportedly results in an annual loss of 5 million euros for the network. 

Since July 1st, passengers have needed a valid ticket to pass through the automatic gates located in the Garibaldi-Le Château, Durandy, and Alsace-Lorraine stations, as per the directives of the transport authority. 

Increased Inspections 

There are plans to expand the number of inspection agents by 30% in order to combat fare evasion, which accounts for around 10% of all documented journeys on the network. The transportation authority also launched joint operations with national and municipal police forces.