Metro de Madrid open fare gates project keeps growing
Up to 33 stations of the subway network have their doors permanently open and only close when someone does not validate their ticket

Open fare gates at Metro del Madrid Metro de Madrid. @metro_madrid

Last year, Metro de Madrid launched an open fare gates pilot test. This consists on permanently open access doors which only close when someone does not validate their ticket. The trial started in February 2018 at Alsacia station and continued in four other stations in late March. Currently, 33 Metro de Madrid stations run under the open fare gates system. The last  station to join the project is El Capricho.


Open fare gates with a double objective

The aim of the open fare gates system is double. On the one hand, improve passenger flow. People do not have to wait for the doors to open, thus, mobility can be faster. This is especially valuable during rush hours.

On the other hand, significant savings in maintenance. Eliminating the need of opening and closing constantly  implies a drastic drop on energy consumption since doors are one of the most used elements in the network. Metro de Madrid estimates the activity of the doors fall by 75%.


Strong communication open fare gates campaign

Metro de Madrid informs about the open fare gates system via posters in every station where the trial is running. In addition, the transport operator regularly posts content on its social network. This content is about the open fare gates system functioning and updating information on the developing of the test.